Solitario: Shining a Light on Sustainable Diamonds, Now Available in Spain

Marbella, Spain

Solitario, a leading luxury brand that offers the finest lab-grown diamonds of superior quality, has recently made its grand entrance into the Spanish market. With a vision to revolutionize the jewelry industry, Solitario aims to infuse joy into every diamond jewel, ensuring a legacy of sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds.

Bollywood Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi and Solitario’s Co-founder Mr. Ricky Vasandani at the Solitario Store Launch in Spain

Founded by visionary entrepreneurs, Ricky Hiro Vasandani, renowned Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi and Satish Daryanani, Solitario has set out to redefine the concept of luxury jewelry by prioritizing sustainability without compromising on the exceptional quality and brilliance of its creations.

Under the banner of “great diamonds, good karma“, Solitario is committed to advocating for sustainable diamonds that are obtained and processed in environmentally conscious and socially responsible environments. Drawing on the rich history of diamond craftsmanship in India, Solitario takes pride in its Indian roots and aims to restore the positive energy associated with diamonds.

Highlighting the significance of their cause, Vivek Oberoi, Co-founder of Solitario, shares, “When you give a gift like a diamond, that connects hearts, the energy of that stone should also be precious. It should be joy. And that is what inspired us to form Solitario.”

As pioneers in promoting a sustainable approach to the diamond industry, Solitario has established itself as the first luxury brand specializing in lab-grown diamonds. Located in Pune, India, the company ensures fair labor practices, zero mining, and zero emissions throughout the production process. Solitario’s commitment to preserving artisan know-how in diamond polishing, an integral part of India’s historical heritage, further amplifies the brand’s dedication to its mission.

With the launch of their flagship store in Marbella, situated in the picturesque La Selva of the Puente Romano Hotel, Solitario has marked its Spanish debut. The unveiling of the exclusive Sí by Solitario collection was attended by notable personalities, including models Lucía Rivera and Marta Ortiz, as well as actresses Manuela Velasco and Macarena Gómez.

Solitario’s arrival in Spain brings an opportunity for jewelry firms to embrace sustainable diamonds and for customers to adorn themselves with pieces that reflect not only the captivating brilliance but also a positive energy that resonates with the brand’s core values.

We are thrilled to bring Solitario’s sustainable diamonds to Spain. Our creations epitomize the perfect blend of luxury, craftsmanship, and ethical responsibility,” says Co-founder of Solitario, Ricky Hiro Vasandani. Solitario offers sustainable diamonds – no mining, no emissions, no guilt! We invite jewelry enthusiasts and advocates of sustainable living to explore the Sí by Solitario collection and join us in our pursuit of a more ethical and sparkling future.”