Revolutionizing Press Release Distribution: NewsEnsure’s Traffic-Driven Hybrid Approach Guarantees Results

The recent introduction of “traffic generation” technology has taken press release distribution to the next level by providing clients with quantifiable, guaranteed results.

NewsEnsure leverages the power of Internet distribution to target audiences by client-defined criteria, i.e. by industry, geography, and demographics, providing granular data reports at the project’s conclusion to validate the campaign’s success.

To illustrate the process and its potential, clients are able to choose from a universe of 11 million global websites. They include virtually all the marquee media organizations that set the global agenda, as well as specialized sector sites that industry decision-makers closely monitor for the latest trends and corporate developments.

Clients are able to not only pinpoint specific media, but they can focus on the editorial section, as well as profile the exact reader they are keen to reach.

For example, clients can showcase their news on the Technology section of The New York Times, or the Entertainment section of The Times of London. They can further stipulate they are interested in reaching male readers between the ages of 50 and 65 in Western Europe. Clients are guaranteed a minimum of 50,000 views that are drawn from the sites that they have selected, based on their defined audience criteria.

To be clear, NewsEnsure’s dual delivery model doesn’t sacrifice any of the benefits of traditional newswire distribution. NewsEnsure’s multi-channel network includes major news agencies, financial information platforms, the use of media databases to target individual journalists, and automated online postings to leading portals and websites.

Legacy newswires that have failed to integrate traffic generation technology into their distribution are restricting their client’s ROI potential, as evidenced by the limited number of views generated by most releases.

Fortunately, NewsEnsure has given the “green light” to traffic generation, enabling its clients to not only maximize the visibility of their announcements, but also to make certain that their message is reaching its intended audience.