Appknox Takes Another Step Towards Minimizing CyberAttacks For its Clients – Introduces Store Monitoring in its Vulnerability Assessment Solution

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Appknox, a leading mobile security testing platform, has released a new add-on feature on its Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Solution – Store Monitoring.

In 2022, it was found that over 75% of the top 100 android mobile applications had security risks. This means that while App Stores are thought to be safer for users to get their applications from, many apps there are still unsecured. This creates a problem for the app user as well as the app developer, as while the former risks privacy data breach, the latter could end up with a tarnished brand reputation, among other damages.

To address this issue for organizations, Store Monitoring is a quick and easy way to gain visibility on whether all your applications released to the app stores are secured or not.

“Mobile apps are fundamentally different than Web apps; if there is an update available in a mobile app, it becomes challenging to ensure the latest version of the application is always installed in everyone’s phone. The control over the application goes to the respective App Store, and it becomes challenging for companies to keep checking if these applications have passed the required security checks before being released. At Appknox, we understand how important it is to monitor these applications and ensure the quality gates check even after release,” Subho Halder, Co-founder & CISO, Appknox.

With the vision of being beneficial to both – the large enterprises with hundreds of applications and small teams responsible for managing the security of multiple apps – store monitoring will ensure that for every single app released, the client is notified if it is scanned by appknox or not. This is yet another feature that takes Appknox Vulnerability Assessment (VA) a step ahead of its competitors.

Launched on November 15th, 2022, Store Monitoring with Appknox VA aims to help organizational leaders like CISOs and security team managers gain visibility and control over whether their apps are being scanned for vulnerabilities before being released on public app stores. This will be especially useful in large organizations where multiple apps are being released simultaneously.

At the same time, for smaller security teams, this feature will help them keep track of their apps and ensure that they are being assessed for vulnerabilities before the release.

The feature will also be compatible with syncing up client applications on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for post-production scanning. It will allow the client to have updates about the scan status of the latest application versions that have been released.

In discussions about the new feature, Raghunandan J, Sr. Product Manager at Appknox, said, Store Monitoring will empower organizations to ensure that their mobile apps are secured using Appknox before releasing it to the Stores. With this feature, we enable the security team leaders and managers by providing insights on the status of the Vulnerability Assessment of their applications released to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This should help them to take the necessary steps needed to secure their apps first, before putting it out in the hands of their users.”

Harshit Agarwal, Co-founder & CEO of Appknox, remarked that the feature is received well by the clients. When asked about the vision for this new launch, he said, “We are looking at upgrading and evolving features to make them more useful and insightful for our customers. One of many upcoming upgrades that the clients can expect is the post-production testing from App Stores to ensure customers’ applications are always secured. This will make the organization’s efforts to secure its mobile application with Appknox seamless.”

About Appknox

Founded in 2014 by Harshit Agarwal and Subho Halder, Appknox is a leading mobile security testing platform. HQ’d in Singapore and Bangalore, Appknox today is one of the most powerful plug-and-play security platforms which enables developers, security researchers, and enterprises to build safe and secure mobile ecosystems using a system plus human approach. With its VAPT solutions (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing), Appknox has provided end-to-end mobile application security and testing strategies to over 500 businesses & Enterprises globally. Appknox has also enabled some top government agencies with its On-Premise deployments. A champion of Value SaaS, Appknox has been recognized by Gartner as one of the top mobile app security vendors in its 2021 Application security Hype Cycle report.