NewsEnsure Enters the North America Market with a Unique Dual-delivery Newswire Model

Combining the Benefits of Traditional Newswires and Digital Advertising with Guaranteed Results

New York, United States — With a unique hybrid distribution model that leverages the advantages of traditional newswires with the targeting capability of digital advertising, NewsEnsure today announced its entry into the North America market.

Featuring a global footprint of some 80 countries, NewsEnsure’s multimedia content delivery platform utilizes a combination of news agencies, financial information systems, and commercial service providers to reach journalists and other key audiences.

NewsEnsure Launch
NewsEnsure Platform

By switching to NewsEnsure, clients will benefit from its superior value proposition without sacrificing service or anticipated engagement results. Clients receive a complimentary monitoring report with each distribution that includes online postings and other metrics that clients can use to analyze the success of their outreach campaign.

NewsEnsure differentiates itself in an increasingly competitive landscape through its creative use of digital advertising; clients are able to pinpoint the audience they are seeking to reach based on multiple variables.

Clients are able to choose from some 11 million websites that can be segmented by various criteria including industry, geography, and demographics. For example, a client can elect to promote their release in the Real Estate section of The New York Times, or the Technology section of The Wall Street Journal. The universe of available websites is global in scope.

NewsEnsure’s results are both tangible and quantifiable: releases are guaranteed a minimum of 50,000 views, a total exponentially higher than most other services. NewsEnsure’s introduction into North America is coupled with a compelling cost advantage: a flat-rate pricing model that eliminates word counts and other extraneous charges.

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